“Vishranthi Nilayam” an abode of peace and rest is a heritage from Church of England (CEZM)situated on 18. Infantry Road, was purchased by Ms. Anna Smith in 1903 and gifted to the Church of England Zenana Mission Society in 1908.

It was transfered to the Church of South India Trust Association by the above society for the benefit of women work of the CSI.

It was dedicated as the Women’s House of the Church of South India on Nov 15th 1949 by Bishop Gurushantha, the first Bishop of Mysore Diocese.

Late Deaconess Carol Graham, a member of the Church of England had the vision that Women should take active part in Church life and Community.

As a result of her prayerful plannings and efforts in 1948 the CSI Women’s Fellowship was founded. In 1952 the Order of Sisters came into existence. Vishranthi Nilayam is the Women’s House of the Church of South India, the Headquarters of the Women’s Fellowship and the Mother House of the CSI Order of Sisters.


You are welcome to visit Vishranthi Nilayam and share the joy that it offers both secular and spiritual


Vishranthi Nilayam
18, Infantry Road,
Bangalore - 560 001

080 – 22864136,22862168